Our advantages of vital wheat gluten, edible alcohol, noodles.

zy         2023-11-18

1. Advantages of raw materials: We have a wheat planting base of 1,333,400,000, where wheat and corn are planted alternately. The wheat and corn varieties are all developed by our company. We harvest two seasons a year, and are self-sufficient in raw materials. So we can control the quality of raw materials from the beginning.

2. Technical advantages: we use the most advanced hydrocyclone method which without adding any additives

3. Quality advantages: all testing indicators meet the national export standards, and phoxim, PME, melamine and other samples are sent for testing regularly to ensure stable product quality, we are enough with FSSC22000/Kosher/Halal/ISO 22000/ISO14000/ISO9001/HACCP.

4. Brand advantages: We have more than ten registered brands in China, covering food raw materials, food processing, baked goods, restaurants, fast food, supermarkets and other industries. The product quality and price complement each other, and are widely recognized by high-end customers in China.

5. Supply advantages: We have 5 vital wheat gluten production lines, 5 alcohol production lines and 3 erythritol production lines, each product with daily output of 100-150 tons, which can ensure stable supply to the greatest extent

6. Advantages of transportation service: We have our own logistics transportation company in China, which is one-stop delivery, avoiding reverse shipment of goods, saving time, and avoiding unnecessary damage in cargo transportation; We also have more than 10 long-term cooperative marine export agents, which can save the transportation cost to the greatest extent and ensure the stability of the position and shipping schedule

7. After service guarantee: We guarantee that the quality of large goods is consistent with that of samples. If there is a problem with product quality, our company will bear the customer's loss

8. Current regional branches of product export: Europe (Russia, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Qatar); America (America, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina); Asia (Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Pakistan); Middle East (Saudi Arabia); Africa (Egypt, South Africa); Australia

Finally, we Binzhou Zhongyu Food Industry is the best supplier in China.

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